Diwali Vacations: Indians Travellers Can Visit These International Places During Holidays

The pulse of the world is being reopened for international travel. For the past two years, everyone has been looking forward to this time. But now you don't have to wait. This coming Diwali you will be able to take an international trip.

We need to know about the countries that have opened up international travel in the post-epidemic period to boost their tourism. We will present information about it here.

If you are planning an international trip for the upcoming Diwali holiday and you are wondering where you can go due to tIf you are planning an international trip epidemic restrictions? OK, but you need to know about the countries that have opened up international travel in the post-epidemic period and their regulations to boost their tourism:

The whole world has seen a difficult time of the terrible Kovid-19 epidemic. Most of the two years, 2019 and 2020, were spent in lockdown or segregation. Many countries like the USA, and the UK had banned international travel and many people could not travel back to India.

Now, however, vaccinations have been completed, and countries that allow international travel has been greatly relieved.

Let's take a look at some of the countries that have opened up international travel to their countries.

United States of America (USA)


From November 8, the United States will open international travel for fully vaccinated passengers, who are required to show a negative RT-PCR test and complete vaccination proof. Further guidelines for unvaccinated individuals are yet to be announced.

United Kingdom (UK)

Fully vaccinated Indians do not need to be excluded but must show their vaccination certificate and undergo RT-PCR testing on the second day of arrival.


Except for children under 6 years of age and 72 hours before the RT-PCR test is mandatory.



Chile has made full vaccination certificates and negative RT-PCR reports mandatory for travelers. Remember one thing approval of your vaccine must be given by the Chilean Public Health Organization, WHO, the United States Food and Drug Administration, or the European Medicines Agency.

Sri Lanka

Non-vaccinated passengers must be kept in a government-sanctioned hotel for 14 days (including RT-PCR test upon arrival and isolation). Fully vaccinated Indians are required to show an RT-PCR test (done 72 hours in advance) and a vaccination certificate in Sri Lanka.



From November 1, fully vaccinated citizens of 10 countries (considered low risk) will be allowed to enter Thailand without segregation, with a negative RT-PCR test. But Indians will have to undergo two RT-PCR tests during their 7-day isolation period; The first test on arrival and the second test in 6-7 days; Although vaccination certificate.


Bahrain will allow vaccinated visitors from specific nations. But Indian travelers are required to undergo RT-PCR tests on the fifth day of arrival and on the tenth day of arrival for fully vaccinated Indians (for on-arrival visa eligibility).


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