15 Best Christmas Markets in the USA

The Christmas market is a great way to enhance the excitement of the holiday and find unique gifts for friends and family. Many markets in the United States are associated with the authentic Christchindelmarkets of Germany, some even visiting Nuremberg's own Christchindel Angel. Others, inspired by their original concept of European countries, incorporate elements of other countries' traditions, including Czech, Polish, Austrian and Russian influences. Yet Charles Dickens's nostalgic atmosphere in London is more celebrated, and some have embraced a mixture of their local cultures to create a whole new tradition of community holiday celebrations.

Coast to Coast, North to South, Use our list of the 15 best Christmas markets in the USA to find the perfect one for your holiday.

Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed for current global health and safety reasons.

1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California
San Francisco Christmas Market

Charles Dickens was known for his love of the Christmas season, and every year from Thanksgiving to Christmas, the Cow Palace Exhibition Hall is a renovation of Victorian London to celebrate the author and the characters he brought to life. The Dickens Christmas Fair is lit by the streets of London and is full of vendors and shops, as well as reproductions of themed rooms and restaurants.

Shoppers and visitors often embrace the spirit and attend by costumes, matching the crowds of costumed actors who walk the streets in character. Visitors can also watch live theater shows and enjoy live music.

2. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Christkindlmarket

Chicago's Christkindelmarket is best known for the Bratwurst - the prestigious German-style sausage that is the perfect walk-around food to keep you energized while studying the plethora of vendors at this classic open-air Christmas market.

Buyers will find authentic European experiences here, including Munich's Glockenspiel-inspired German cuckoo clocks, handmade Christmas tree ornaments, hand-carved wooden crafts, and many other traditional gifts.

The event, which includes Kinder Club, Scavenger Hunt, and DIY handicrafts, will make the market as enjoyable for children as it is for adults. There is plenty of hot cocoa and other warm drinks to keep hands warm, as well as other delicious dishes like German baked goods and traditional Christmas goodies.

3. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland
Christmas Markets in Baltimore

The Christmas Village in Baltimore offers more than 50 vendors in authentic outdoor settings with wooden stalls and hot tents for chilly evenings. The centerpiece of the space is the "Pyramid", a large wooden Christmas tower with a fan-like topper, customized for the event by a German carpenter.

Bicentennial Plaza features a beautiful vintage carousel and Ferris wheel illuminated by electric lighting. There are also festive rides for kids and enthusiastic teens. The market runs daily from late November to Christmas and is located at West Shore Park in Inner Harbor.

4. Frankenmuth, Michigan

Frankenmuth, Michigan
Frankenmuth ChristKindlMarkt

Operated by Frankenmuth Farmers Market, Christkindle Market is open from Friday to Sunday, the last weekend of November, the whole of December, and the first weekend of January. In the spirit of the traditional German market, vendors here sell items made and manufactured by local artisans.

Shoppers will find vendors selling local honey and maple syrup, many bakeries, specialty herbs, homemade dog sweets, canned goods, hand-woven items, and more.

5. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem, PA

Nicknamed "Christmas City," Bethlehem has not one but two great Christmas markets. The open-air Christmas City Village Downtown offers the most authentic experience, with vendors in bizarre designs resembling a wooden barn reminiscent of the European market. Shoppers can find international handicrafts and gifts and local handicrafts, as well as warm drinks and items. The market runs on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in December.

Another well-known Bethlehem event is Christkindelmarkt, an indoor market with a wide range of vendors. This Christmas market is open from Friday to Sunday in the last two weeks of November and from Thursday to Sunday Christmas in December; Shopkeepers should be aware that an entrance fee is charged for this event.

6. Washington D.C

Washington D.C
Decorated Christmas tree in front of the Capitol Buildings - Washington, DC

The country's capital has one of the largest and most diverse Christmas markets, offering more than 75 vendors representing dozens of international and local cultural groups. Many of these are members of the Made in DC program, which includes minority-owned small local businesses.

In addition to plenty of crafts and unique gifts, marketers will find a wide range of food vendors, including traditional German baked goods, as well as Southern BBQ, Indian food, and South American specialties.

The market is held near the National Portrait Gallery in the Chinatown area, which begins on the weekend of Thanksgiving, December 23, and runs daily from noon to 8 p.m. The market also features live entertainment programs, including live holiday music from around the world.

While in the area, head a few blocks south to see the Christmas decorations of the National Mall and the decoration of the nearby White House.

7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Christmas Village in Philadelphia 

From tasty specialties such as Berlin doner kebabs, flammkuchen, racquets and Belgian fries to traditional desserts such as classic gingerbread, fluffy waffles, and pastries, a wide variety of unripe European food is a big attraction.

Children's activities include a visit to Christkind in Nuremberg, a Christmas Angel, as well as a kiddie train, a Ferris wheel, a children's craft activity, and a two-story carousel. The festivities begin on the weekends after Thanksgiving and run until Christmas Eve, opening daily.

8. New York City, New York

New York City, New York
Christmas tree in Manhattan's Bryant Park

Not surprisingly, New York City has a large number of great Christmas markets, so it's hard to choose just one of the seemingly limitless options. In addition to these top picks, holiday visitors should be sure to see the iconic tree on Rockefeller Square.

Tourists will also want to appreciate the Christmas decorations in Central Park, and the Christmas Market in Columbus Circle is a great starting point, where shoppers will find plenty of gifts and holiday food.

The Union Square Holiday Market hosts more than 150 vendors each year in a festive outdoor setting. Buyers can find a wide range of gifts, including certified fair trade, recycled and upcycled manufacturing, and many gifts made by organic and local artisans and craftsmen. Items include artwork, decorations, jewelry, toys, clothing, unique home furnishings, jewelry, and more. Visitors will find a variety of food vendors, as well as live entertainment and a variety of children's activities.

Manhattan's Bryant Park has a large number of holiday shops, and Bank of America's Winter Village is a European-style market with custom-made, themed kiosks for a large number of vendors. Buyers will find everything from handicraft gifts to unique imports and, of course, plenty. In the center of the village is a 17,000 square-foot ice-skating rink, open to the public and free of charge. Skate rentals are available on-site, and the rink also features ice-skating performances that attract crowds.

9. Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado
Denver Christmas Market

From mid-November to Christmas Eve, the Denver Christkindel Market has a variety of artisans and food vendors in wooden kiosks for that old-world atmosphere. The market also has a variety of entertainment for the whole family, including theme nights, as well as performances by German polka, choral performances, and the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra.

Buyers will find not only traditional German Christmas items such as glass ornaments and wooden toys, but also handicrafts from many Eastern European countries, including Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and Lithuania. The variety of food is equally wide, including the Viennese Straddle; German knödel; Polish Pyrosis; French cheese; And Blinchiki, a Russian-style crepe.

10. Georgetown, Colorado

Georgetown, Colorado
Georgetown Christmas Market

During the first two weeks of December each year, this small mountain town in Colorado is transformed into a vibrant Victorian city, complete with costumes and horse-drawn carriages. The Christmas market offers numerous handicraft vendors, as well as other local artisans and manufacturers, offering decorative items, handmade garments, Christmas decorations, and other unique gifts.

Shoppers can also enjoy caroling and dancing, a view of St. Nicholas, and a Santa Lucia children’s procession every afternoon on market day. There are also many food vendors offering traditional goodies like hot cocoa and freshly roasted chestnuts.

11. Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Christkindlesmarkt, Lake Elkhart

Held at the Osthoff Resort, this Christkindlesmarkt is housed in a spacious heated tent, overlooking Lake Elkhart, giving shoppers a genuine outdoor atmosphere while relaxing. Each vendor sells their wares from a beautiful wooden kiosk with evergreens and lamps, offering a range of traditional German handicrafts, as well as East European items.

There is plenty of food, from German sausages to sweet straddles served at the food court. The market is open every year from Thanksgiving weekend to mid-December.

 12. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincideutsch Christkindlmarkt

Cincinnati is home to two fantastic markets, thanks to the vibrant Christmas spirit of the vibrant German community. The Germany Society Christkindlmarkt is run as part of the Society's efforts to acquaint people with German culture and traditions.

This outdoor market is held on the very weekend of three days just before Thanksgiving. Here you will experience traditional handicrafts and plenty of authentic German food. There are also toddlers and family activities, including painting zoos, horse-drawn carriage rides, children's parades, and live music.

Cincideutsch is held in Christkindlmarkt Fountain Square, which opens on the weekends after Thanksgiving. This European-style market will feature timber gifts, German food, as well as holiday decorations, and locally made gifts. The square also has a skating rink and is started each year with fireworks and tree lights.

13. Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas
Christmas Market in Arlington, Texas

Arlington’s Christkindl Market revolves around the traditional European Christmas market, incorporating cultural elements from Central and South America, and travels southwest, honoring traditions of both German origins. Shoppers can find a wide variety of handicraft items and imported gifts, including Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas decorations that are hard to find in the market, and the food vendors here offer plenty of holiday gifts.

The market is an ideal family event, with Santa and Crystalkindel angels, pet zoos, puppet shows, and children's craft centers. The whole family will enjoy live music and a beautiful lantern parade. The market is open from mid-November to the first weekend of January so that even those who are late can enjoy the festivities.

14. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia
Christmas Market in Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park

The Atlanta Chrysanthemum Market is located in the centuries-old Olympic Park, and each holiday season begins on the first weekend of December with a visit to Christchurch from Nuremberg, Germany. After the traditional ceremony, she goes out to take selfies with the children and shares German Christmas folklore with people in the market who are eager to enjoy the festive atmosphere and happy live music.

Here shoppers will find a great selection of a wide selection of German handicrafts and items, including a large number of hand-carved wooden toys and trinkets, beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, and fine lace. There you will also find plenty of traditional food. And not just sweets - visitors can enjoy hearty German dishes like CurryWurst, Bratwurst, and Labor Case among many others.10. Leavenworth, Washington

Situated in the mountains to the northwest, the city of Leavenworth not only embraces European heritage at Christmas time but is also a year-round Bavarian city. Like the living Snow Globe, this beautiful community celebrates Christmas with month-long festivities, including caroling, lighting ceremonies, and special events for all ages.

Leavenworth's Christkindlmarkt has been a central event for more than two decades, held indoors at Leavenworth Festhalle and at Front Street Park, allowing shoppers to study in any weather. The market opens with a lantern parade on the weekends after Thanksgiving and continues until Christmas Eve. In addition to great gifts and goodies, the market has live music and children's craft activities.

15. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts
Quincy Market decorated Christmas Tree

Although Boston's Fanuel Hall Marketplace is not a traditional Christmas market, it deserves a place on this list because it serves as a prestigious Christmas shopping destination for the greater Boston area and beyond. From Thanksgiving until the start of the new year, this historic Fanuel Hall and Quincy Market welcome shoppers and tourists with electric lighting, floral decorations, and festive music.

Outside, you will find many photogenic places for selfies so that guests can enjoy live entertainment (both formal and informal) and the perfect holiday. Inside, shoppers will find everything from vending carts and shops to handicraft cards and clothing, as well as many food vendors representing the corners of the earth.


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