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Flower Valley of Sadawaghapur Plateaus Tarale 

Sadawaghapur Flower Plateau

The Satara district of Maharashtra has three flower valleys, the Kaas Flower Plateau, Bhambavali Flower Plateau, and the Sadawaghapur Flower Plateau, which are surrounded by a variety of flower carpets. As the monsoon in Maharashtra is nearing its end, a large number of wildflowers can be seen on the plateau.

Today we are going to talk about the Sadawaghapur Flower Plateau, the plateau soil is rich in loter and aluminum hence it is called the laterite plateau. Due to this specific soil content and climatic conditions, a specific plant is found in this region. At the end of the rainy season, the plateau is covered with a variety of flowering carpets.

Various colors of flowers can be seen on the Sadawaghapur Flower plateau on the lines of Kas. The plateau is covered with yellow, white, and blue flowers. The Sadawaghapur Flower plateau, which is famous for its inverted waterfalls, is also famous for its lush flowers. Many tourists are coming here, roaming freely on the plateau and enjoying nature, flowers, and cool winds. The world of flowers here blooms every year. However, this is not the case. The Sadawaghapur Flower Plateau can also become a flower destination if studied and cultivated scientifically.

Rainwater has become a paradise in the rainy season to get soaked with inverted waterfalls, wide plateaus, skyscraper windmills, green carpets, foggy windmills, windmills lost in the fog, roads, and houses. It can be experienced here. Thousands of tourists flock to the plateau during the monsoons to experience this experience and enjoy nature. Its salt has spread to Pune and Mumbai. Similarly, when the rains are over, the world of colors begins to flourish on the plateau in September and October. Many people are visiting here.

It has fewer and smaller flowers than Cass. However, as there are no restrictions here, tourists can roam free. The flower festival is still going on on the plateau. Sitechi Asav, yellow Sonki, yellow Mickey Mouse, Smithia Agarkari, and white gend-like flowers have crowded the plateau. This makes the plateau look like a white, yellow, and blue carpet. This flower festival has been going on for the last several years. 

Every year the flowers bloom and wither

Every year the flowers bloom and wither, But it has not been scientifically studied. Scholars have also turned their backs here. If it is researched and nurtured, a large number of flower festivals can be seen here, but many people are visiting the plateau as it is open.


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